Thursday, 26 April 2018

Amazing Siem Reap!

Siem Reap, an amazing place to be! People are very calm and respectful.The moment we arrived at Siem Reap Airport I felt very welcome in the place. We have been visiting many tempels past last four days and I have learnt something which I am about to share here.
You probably asked yourself why did I choose this pictures among a hundred of Siem Reap fotos taken.
In history of Buddhism as explained by our guide, Arad, during the visit at Temple of Ta Prohm where nature has taken all temple. Trees has grown above the temple, some capture the statue of Apsara.  I love the story of APSARA. According to  the Buddhisme Apsara was a women  who lived in Heaven as Angel. People in Heaven were receiving holy water and one day the Devil took the holy water and give it to evil people. Apsara change in other face and went to seduce Devil in order to get the holy water. The moment she receive the water she gave it immediately to her good people. Devil became angry and start fighting her with all God people from heaven.
It was great to hear the story and and after to discover her captured by the growing tree for so many years. I am grateful to Siem Reap government to preserve such amazing place so then the world can review the past.
We are continuing our journey to Bangkok where we count to have more fun and discover more nice things in this World.
Peace ,

Friday, 20 April 2018

Cambodia here we come!

I am very excited to share with you the journey; me and my husband are about to travel to Asia and seeing three countries, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.
The dream began in November 2010 when my husband travelled to Cambodia - Siem Reap - for his work. he saw many nice places and took some beautiful pictures. When he showed them to me he said "Eliane we have to go together to cambodia I really want to show you around in Siem Reap, see the amazing Temples of Angkor Wat". I said who knows one day we will go let's save some money for it.
The idea of travelling was born from that moment. This year 04 January 2018 was our 15th marriage anniversay. We realized we have not travelled very far away, us 2 without kids. We decide to make our dream come true and combine the trip for three countries, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. We call it "The Asia Honeymoon"
It's finally going to happen! We are leaving Sunday 22 April and will be back 11 May.
I would like to thank my parents in law as they will help us in taking care of our kids during our holiday.
I can't wait to be there !
Peace ,

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Our Family project - New York

Today I would like to share with you the way we educate our kids.
Children are very simple to handle when you communicate with them very clear. I am very proud of the situation till this point.
I am still enjoying things I have learned from my parents and I think it is best to teach kids when they are still young so they remember when they grow up.

I choose first to tackle the topic of seeing the value of things and saving money for it. Many parents they will just give anything asked to their kids without letting them know that money is not falling from a tree, and that you need to work to save for it to before you can do nice things. this mean making sure they help you with small jobs in the home, like watering garden, cleaning their bike, cleaning out the dishwashing machine or helping to cover the diner table and clean up after. We have done it for past 2 years and the boys are very happy.

New York Trip: One day we were talking about the places we need to discover when we go on summer holidays. We have been in Turkey, Portugal, Germany,  Belgium, Spain but not yet in United States of America. We all pick the same country United States of America. We made it a Project plan and target to go during the year that Rio will be going to the second year of high school and Akira is finishing Primairy school. We WILL go on that trip and meanwhile we all contribute by doing small jobs and saving money for it. We are very excited to make this trip happen and the boys start counting the money which goes into our saving account and look forward to the days that come! Today was a very beautiful day to work on our family project.They cleaned the backfiets outside of our garden after having a brunch together!

I am very proud to share this family project. It's very nice to stimulate our kids to learn doing things while they are helping out for something great! And in the end they will feel they really made our dream come true together!
Peace ,